Open Learning Platform

Designed for the K-12 school market, McGraw-Hill Education’s Open Learning Platform is the premiere web-based learning system. Since 2017 I have been involved in many aspects of the platform: from prototyping the interactive learning-components, designing the visual style of the application, conducting usability heuristic evaluations on new features and refining the user experience of the application for both teachers and students.

SoundCloud Genres

In an effort to target creator onboarding, my team had the idea of creating genre landing pages for SoundCloud – including Hip Hop, Electronic, and Podcasting. Wanting to use simple/strong imagery to customize each experience, I worked with the brand art director for a props photoshoot and used those photos to create hero assets to apply to individual pages, as well as social and marketing assets.


Roam was created to broaden the experience for women looking to network and connect with other women. Essentially this guide showcases any major city and provides information of when and where the best time of week to go to a location or event. Through the creation of various case studies, promo materials, and prototype, I was able to bring this simulation to life.

Vintage Rock Magazine

The purpose of this project was to take an already existing magazine and redesign its brand, content and aesthetics. I create three variations of the cover and marketed them as an in-depth look into how unique concepts, artist(s) and style molded rock-n-roll as we know it today. In addition, I designed a brief walkthrough of the magazine including a table of contents, ad excerpts and an article with a full spread.